January 16 2020



Cool Cookie Creatures

Makes 6 cookie creatures

What's Needed

  • 1x 2L Dairymaid Mermaids and Pirates Ice Cream

  • 40 g chocolate, melted

  • 12 large oat cookies

  • Fruit based jellies and other sweets, for decoration


  1. On a baking paper lined plastic tray, scoop 6 balls of Dairymaid Mermaids and Pirates Ice Cream. Place them on the tray and freeze.

  2. Meanwhile, melt chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a small saucepan of boiling water. Set aside. Using a variety of gummy and chocolate sweets, make eyes and decorations for your cookie creatures. Use the melted chocolate to stick the sweets together; onto 6 of the cookies.

  3. Place the pre-scooped ice cream balls onto the remaining cookies and top with the decorated cookies, at different angles to create a variety of creatures.

Variations, Hints and Tips:

  • Use melted milk, white or dark chocolate to attach the sweets onto the cookies.

  • Decorate the cookies with a theme of your choice.

  • Have a decorating table for the children to design their own cookie creatures.

  • Use cookies of your choice to make the cookie creatures.



Under the Sea Banana Split

Serves 6

What's Needed

  • 6 large bananas, sliced in half lengthways

  • 2 red or green apples (brushed with lemon juice to stop browning)

  • 1x 2L Dairymaid Mermaids and Pirates Ice Cream

  • Blueberries, for eyes

  • Raspberries, for lips

  • Shallow bowl


  1. Place one sliced banana against each side of long narrow shallow bowl.

  2. Slice the apple into thin slices, and then into a fin shape (use template below if needed)

  3. Scoop balls of Dairymaid Mermaids and Pirates Ice Cream, place 2 balls in the bowl and 1 ball on top, place the apple fin on the side of the ball; add a blueberry eye and raspberry lips.

Variations, Hints and Tips:

  • Fish fin template

  • Use other fruit-based snacks for alternative decorations.

  • Get creative and see how many under the sea creatures you can make with your Dairymaid Banana Boat.

  • Make this dessert in any shaped bowl.


Crispy Coral Basket

Makes 6 to 8, depending on size

What's Needed

  • Coral Baskets:

  • 20 ml (20g) butter or margarine

  • 140 g pink and white marshmallows

  • 5ml vanilla essence

  • 3x 250 ml (100 g) popped rice cereal/crispy-Kellogg’s?

  • Non-stick spray-add

  • 1x 2L Dairymaid Pirates and Mermaids Ice Cream

  • Fruit Jellies, to decorate



  1. Spray a 12-hole muffin pan with non-stick spray. Set aside.

  2. In a large saucepan, melt the butter on a low heat, add in the marshmallows and vanilla essence. Stir until completely melted.

  3. Add the popped rice cereal and stir using a wooden spoon; until all popped rice is covered in marshmallow.

  4. Spoon in a heaped teaspoon of the mixture, at a time, into each muffin hole and press using the back of a metal spoon lightly greased with oil to form a bowl shape.

  5. Set aside and allow to set.

  6. Fill the baskets with Dairymaid Mermaids and Pirates ice-cream and decorate.


Variations, Hints and Tips:

  • Keep the baskets at room temperature in an airtight container.

  • Decorate the ice cream bowl with freshly sliced fruit.

  • Add in coloured edible sprinkles/ glitter into the basket mixture.

  • When the mixture has cooled slightly, use your fingers, lightly dipped in water to press the bowl shape.

  • Use a variety of bowl shapes for a fun twist on the basket shapes.

  • If the popped rice mixture cools too much to mould. Place back onto a low heat for a few minutes to heat the marshmallows again.


Sweets and Snacks of Choice:



  • Freeze dried strawberries

  • Freeze dried pineapple

  • Freeze dried coconut

  • Freeze dried apples

  • Skinny dipped roasted almonds dipped in chocolate

  • Berry fruit protein balls

  • Fruit concentrate fruit jellies

  • Mango fruit gums

  • Pineapple fruit gums

  • Mixed berry and yoghurt drops

  • Banana and yoghurt drops

  • Oat crunchies

  • Low calorie chocolate chip cookies


  • Romantics (pink sweets)

  • Mini liquorice

  • Jelly tots

  • Sentries

  • Tangy tops

  • Starlight jellies

  • Jellybeans

  • Pretzels (sticks, knots, yoghurt dipped)